The Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati


To strengthen Jewish life in Greater Cincinnati now and for generations to come.


The Foundation strives to address the needs and aspirations of a broad and diverse spectrum of Jewishly identified individuals and families in Greater Cincinnati, including both those already immersed in Jewish life and activities, as well as those seeking their own personal connections and new expressions of Jewish involvement. The Foundation commits to learning from, with and about its grantee partners and the constituencies they serve and to sharing these learnings widely.


The Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati:

  • Invests scale level capital in initiatives intended to produce step changes in local Jewish Life
  • Supports local Jewish community organizations and the individuals they serve through operating grants to eligible entities in the areas of Jewish Engagement, Jewish Education and Jewish Social Services
  • Funds projects and experiments that re-imagine ways to serve the community’s changing needs
  • Provides capacity building grants enabling the community’s institutions to meet individual needs efficiently and effectively

    In addition, the Foundation allocates a portion of its annual funding for:

    • Contributions to select local civic, cultural and social impact initiatives on behalf of the Cincinnati Jewish Community.

The Foundation Focus Areas

Jewish Learning & Engagement Opportunities

Jewish Cincinnatians can find options for Jewish learning and engagement in Cincinnati that meet their needs.

Deeper Connection to Jewish Values

Participants in Foundation-supported Jewish learning experiences gain a deeper connection to their Jewish values, heritage, and identity. 

Strong Jewish Social Networks

Through their participation in local Jewish organizations, congregations, and grassroots initiatives, Jewish Cincinnatians are expanding and strengthening their social networks. 

Basic Human Needs

Basic physical, psychological, and emotional well-being needs of Jewish Cincinnatians are being met. 

Current Strategic Opportunities

Over the next few years, the Foundation has identified the following opportunity areas for its strategic focus of time and investment in order to positively impact the local Jewish community:

> Engaging Families with Young Children:
Objective: Develop an integrated communal framework for expanding and promoting Jewish Early Childhood programs and strengthening other support systems for Jewishly identified families with young children.

> Sparking Connections:
Objective: Spark new points of Jewish connection and meaning for individuals who wish to feel more connected to Jewish Life. This spans individuals who feel disconnected to those who feel under-connected from Jewishness and Jewish Life.

> Enhancing Mental Health and Wellbeing:
Objective: Develop a strong and integrated Jewish communal support system for Jewish teens and young adults and their families seeking improved mental health and wellbeing.

> Attracting and Retaining Talent:
Objective: Develop a superior employment value proposition that will attract, recruit and retain a cadre of high-functioning professional team members and strong senior leadership in local Jewish communal institutions.