The Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati was established in 1995 with ~$70 million in assets from the Jewish Hospital of Cincinnati. In 2010, the Foundation sold Jewish Hospital to Mercy Health, and the proceeds increased the Foundation’s asset base, which is nearly $500 million.

The Foundation now invests approximately $19 million annually in the Cincinnati Jewish community to strengthen Jewish identity, Jewish education and engagement, and to ensure that the basic needs of vulnerable community members are met. The Foundation also provides capacity building grants enabling the community’s institutions to meet individual needs efficiently and effectively

A Tribute to the Original Trustees of The Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati

The Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati and the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati

The Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati’s unique characteristic as a private trust, accountable to its bylaws, governed by 11 trustees, gives it the flexibility to be nimble in its decision-making and take appropriate risks or experiment with new approaches to solve complex challenges. The Foundation invests in capacity-building, high-impact, and transformational initiatives that can make a scale-level impact through its professional strength in research, impact assessment, and learning.

The Jewish Federation of Cincinnati was established in 1896 and is the backbone organization that catalyzes our community in a common purpose. As the community-driven convener, the Federation mobilizes diverse groups toward collective action, raising funds and allocating resources where they’re most needed. Governed by an elected board of 40-plus lay and professional leaders, the Federation leadership intentionally represents a cross-section of our community and community partners and aspires to be a participatory congress for our community. The Federation is accountable to the community and to the thousands of individual donors who contribute. Due to its governing structure, the Federation has the perspective, people, and partnerships to bring leaders together to solve complex problems, guide community direction, and meet critical needs.

The Jewish Foundation's Funding Principles:

Cincinnati-focused: With a focus on the needs of individuals in the Cincinnati Jewish community, the Foundation invests in institutions and initiatives that strengthen connections to Jewish heritage and identity, foster well-being, and create an ecosystem of options for community members to find their place and personal connection to Jewish identity. Capacity building: To ensure Cincinnati Jewish communal organizations operate most effectively and address the needs of the individual. Building broader connections to Jewish community: To catalyze touchpoints to Jewish life and community that recognize the diverse experiences and expressions of Jewish life.