Making Space
Centering the Voices of Underrepresented Demographics
Experimental Funding
Sparking Bold ideas for Jewish Connection in Response to Needs


Reflect Cincy grant funding, powered by the Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati (TJF), intends to spark new experiences and thinking around Jew-ish1 connection in Cincinnati for individuals and families who feel disconnected from current Jewish institutions and fall within the following segments:

  • Young adults without children
  • Interfaith families with children
  • Families with children ages 0-5

1The term “Jew-ish” refers to people with Jewish roots but varying levels of religious practice or belief, communal affiliation, or personal identity.


In 2019, the Cincinnati Jewish Community Study found that nearly half of Jewish adults seek more connection to Jewish community but experience barriers to participating in traditional Jewish institutions. Because many of these individuals and families are not in positions of influence and decision-making in Cincinnati’s formal Jewish community, current policies and programs may not reflect their actual needs and desires. This means that our traditional methods for building strong Jewish communities are currently leaving many people out. The Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati (TJF) is paying attention to these stories. They matter. TJF saw these findings as an opportunity to experiment with funding priorities in complement to its support of existing institutions. TJF believes that centering the voices of Jews who are reflective of underrepresented segments will create more compelling ways for these individuals to form Jew-ish connections.


  • To do this work well, TJF recognized the need to make space for underrepresented demographics to lead and be integrated into decision-making around this new pool of funding. 
  • The volunteer Reflect Cincy Creative Team was recruited to review community data, design a request for proposals (RFP) for Reflect Cincy grants, review proposals and make recommendations to the trustees.  The work on these pages would not be possible without their leadership and insight.

Get Involved

Join the Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati (TJF), the Reflect Cincy Creative Team, and Upstart to further explore how to apply for Reflect Cincy grant funding and elevate the voices of stakeholders in your process.


The Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati (TJF) is a private grantmaking foundation with a broad mandate to strengthen the Cincinnati Jewish Community. TJF invests approximately $20 million per year to support operations, programs, and initiatives that further Jewish education, deepen Jewish engagement, and address unmet social service needs in the local Jewish Community.